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A question from Whitbread that I can´t answer. Una pregunta de Whitbread a la que no se contestar.

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Una pregunta a la que no se responder ¿Alguien puede contestar?. ¿Cual de estos jugadores de rugby marcó ensayos en seis partidos internacionales consecutivos: Olly Campbell, David Duckham, Mike Gibson, Alex Purves, Phil Bennett o J P R Williams? Todos ellos son excelentes jugadores de los años 70. ; ; ; ; y
Whitbread planteó esta pregunta en un posavasos perteneciente a una serie de seis posavasos con preguntas sobre diferentes deportes.
Whitbread actualmente pertenece a Interbrew pero es embotellada, bajo licencia, por otra cervecera. Podéis encontrar una valoración sobre esta cerveza en

A question that I don´t know the answer: Someone can answer?. Which one of this rugby players scored a try in 6 consecutive international matches: Olly Campbell, David Duckham, Mike Gibson, Alex Purves, Phil Bennett or J P R Williams? They are all excellent players of the 1970s. ; ; ; ; y
Whitbread made this question in a coaster belonging to a six coaster´s series with questions about six differents sports.
Whitbread now belongs to Interbrew but is canned, under licence, by another brewery. You can find an assessment of this beer in

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  1. No tenía la menor duda de que Phil Blakeway lo sabría.

  2. Gracias por tus comentarios, es un placer colaborar.

  3. smartcooky at posts a new answer in » Mar Feb 21, 2012 7:48 am

    Jason Robinson is a dual international rugby union & rugby league player who scored tries in six consecutive Test matches for Great Britain.... in Rugby League.

    However, the correct answer is Alex Purves of Scotland. His six consecutive tries in test matches were....

    17 Mar 1906 v England at Inverleith
    17 Nov 1906 v South Africa at Hampden Park, Glasgow
    02 Feb 1907 v Wales at Inverleith
    23 Feb 1907 v Ireland at Inverleith
    16 Mar 1907 v England at The Rectory Ground, Blackheath
    01 Feb 1908 v Wales at Swansea

    It was a record at the time and stood for 67 years before being matched by JP Ryan of Australia in 1975 and then beaten by John Kirwan of New Zealand in 1988

    The current record is eight and is held jointly by three players.....

    John Kirwan (NZ)
    Christian Cullen (NZ)
    Daisuke Ohata (Japan)

    John Kirwan
    14 Jun 1987 v Wales at Ballymore, Brisbane (RWC)
    20 Jun 1987 v France at Eden Park, Auckland (RWC)
    25 Jul 1987 v Australia at Concord Oval, Sydney
    28 May 1988 v Wales 52-3 at Lancaster Park, Christchurch
    11 Jun 1988 v Wales 54-9 at Eden Park, Auckland
    03 Jul 1988 v Australia at Concord Oval, Sydney
    16 Jul 1988 v Australia at Ballymore, Brisbane
    30 Jul 1988 v Australia at Concord Oval, Sydney

    Christian Cullen
    16 Jun 2000 v Tonga at Albany, Auckland
    24 Jun 2000 v Scotland at Carisbrook, Dunedin
    01 Jul 2000 v Scotland at Eden Park, Auckland
    15 Jul 2000 v Australia at Stadium Australia, Sydney
    22 Jul 2000 v South Africa at Jade Stadium, Christchurch
    05 Aug 2000 v Australia at Westpac Trust, Wellington
    19 Aug 2000 v South Africa at Ellis Park, Johannesburg
    11 Nov 2000 v France at Stade de France, Paris

    Daisuke Ohata
    19 May 2002 v Russia at Tokyo
    16 Jun 2002 v Korea at Tokyo
    07 Jul 2002 v Chinese Taipai at Tokyo
    14 Jul 2002 v Korea at Seoul
    21 Jul 2002 v Chinese Taipai at Tainan
    13 Oct 2002 v Korea at Ulsan
    17 May 2003 v USA at San Francisco
    25 May 2003 v Russia a Tokyo

    Ohata's record is unusual in that he did not play ALL of Japan's international matches as he was out with injury. Japan played twelve matches over the period where Ohata scored in his consecutive eight matches

    Cullen's record was accrued over one playing season in just over five months